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A couple of things could have happened:


Your username was blocked because you logged in from multiple IP addresses within a short period of time, typically from two countries without the logical ability to travel in the time from one login to the other. Example logged in from the UK and 5 mins later logged in from the USA. We do support a VPN but suggest you do not change countries within each session since this appears to the protection script that you have shared your login information. This is a 7-day block, it is better to Submit A Ticket  right away.


Your username was blocked because you met the maximum daily limit of 50 gigs per site per day. We do not have a problem with members downloading however, it is not often that a member will reach the limit as you have today. We create the block so that we can monitor that real members are downloading and not someone who has gained access to steal. Sorry for this unfortunate situation that pirates have created for us. This will be removed within 24 hours, or Submit A Ticket .


You simply forgot your username or password and get blocked after 5 attempts.  Wait 30 minutes and try again or Submit A Ticket .

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